Episode 178: Procrastinating colleague and working remotely for an on-site company


In this episode, Dave and Jamison answer these questions:

  1. One of my co-workers never does their job in time and always postpones things. We are both leaders in the company. Especially when we depend on each other, it becomes really difficult.

    I tried many things like taking over their tasks, reminding them (in person, in Slack), escalating to their manager etc. None of these worked.

    As a different strategy, I organized a workshop with leaders to brainstorm how to collaborate and work together. That was really positive. We talked about each other’s responsibilities. This person was active in the workshop. Contributed and also agreed on many things. I felt really positive after this. :)

    But then shortly after, I ended up with frustration again. Nothing actually changed. Agreeing is easy but taking actions is not.

    Please give me recommendations other than quitting my job or waiting this person to quit. 😅

  2. I work remotely for an on-site company. How do you manage that relationship?

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