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Welcome to the Soft Skills Engineering Slack!

We're excited to have you join this community interested in the non-technical parts of the technical field of software. These guidelines will help keep the environment safe, welcoming, and friendly.


  • Hop in to #intros and introduce yourself. Help us get to know you!
  • Fill out your profile. Make yourself a human.
  • Read the Code of Conduct.
  • Remember that everyone is welcome to contribute regardless of experience level or background. If you just want to hang back and lurk, that’s cool too.
  • This Slack is not a place for commercial activity (e.g. recruiting, or marketing your product/conference) except in channels dedicated to that purpose (e.g. #jobs, #consulting-gigs, #conferences, or #services) and never in an unsolicited direct message. If you see commercial behavior going down, direct message @jamison and I’ll fix it.
  • Really, read the Code of Conduct.

We're so glad you're joining us. See you on Slack!

Thanks to the Rands in Repose Slack guidelines which influenced this document.