Episode 219: Remote crickets and Manager Careering


In this episode, Dave and Jamison answer these questions:


  1. I took the cult’s advice and quit my job at a start-up!! Now I’m at a big company and the pace of work is REAL different.

    In my previous life, if I asked a question, I would get an answer within the minute, or at the most, within the hour.

    At my new gig, the response time on Slack can be 6 hours, and pull request comments so far are never – after a day has passed, I just send a Slack to ask for a response to the PR comment. I’ve noticed that if I schedule a Zoom call I have the best chance of getting a hold of them, but a video call sometimes feels like overkill.

    I realize it’s due to my coworkers/manager being super busy, so I try to make my questions short, sweet and infrequent.

    Still, I’m now missing deadlines because I can’t get an answer. How can I get my coworkers’ attention so I can do my work and meet my deadlines?

  2. Engineering Managers support growth of their direct reports. Once you become a manager, it’s expected to own your own career development. How much should you expect your manager to support you in that?

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