Episode 223: Feedback rage and making up for lost time


In this episode, Dave and Jamison answer these questions:


  1. Hello. Thanks for hosting such a great podcast. I recently finished binging all the previous episodes.

    I’ve recently noticed in conversations with my team, whether synchronous or asynchronous, after I propose an idea or stake out a position, I easily get defensive if a teammate tries to give feedback on my idea.

    I don’t mean to get angry, but I sometimes don’t notice until it’s too late.

    I think it has gotten to the point where my teammates might have caught on, and I don’t want this to lead to a state where they never disagree with me.

    Have you ever dealt with this, in yourself or others? How have you dealt with changing this mindset?

  2. My first software developer job lasted two years. I didn’t learn much.

    • We deployed legacy Java apps with SCP
    • We had no tests
    • We didn’t have CI/CD
    • We were using a beta version of an old framework which we never upgraded
    • Our repos were not in sync with our production code
    • A lot of commented out code, dead code over the place
    • Using multiple languages across the board. We were using Java for something, Node for some, PHP for web/api, JS for client side. Basically the devs were cowboy coding to get the stuff out.

    I am three years into my current role & have already learned so much more than in my first role. I feel like my first job set me back. How do I overcome this?

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