Episode 286: I don't care about borkchain and morning procrastination?


In this episode, Dave and Jamison answer these questions:

  1. I keep hearing about Web3, DAOs and Smart Contracts. Part of me wants to get excited about these and other shiny things but I just don’t seem to care all that much any more.

    How long into your careers did y’all stop getting excited about shiny stuff and how do you keep learning when it is not all that exciting to you any more?

    Maybe it is time to be a manager? 😛

  2. Every work day seems to start the same way. I check slack, then procrastinate for about 2 hours before feeling so guilty about getting nothing done that i actually start doing some work. Once i get started i don’t have any issues concentrating.

    I want to work, i like my job but i also can’t crack this habit. I am assuming this is not normal…any ideas that could help me out?

    PS: I think (might not be true) i use to be better at getting started before the WFH was the norm

Show Notes

Article by Dave on how to make your standups awesome: https://blog.standuply.com/are-your-standups-awesome-91fb124033be

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