Episode 327: Remote with onsite team and undercover refactor


In this episode, Dave and Jamison answer these questions:

  1. I have recently joined a team as a fully remote member, with majority of my team mates located in one city and meet in office every week. My manager wants me to work on earn trust and drive consensus, to keep me in track for promotion. Being remote, I am unable to get through my team mates effectively, when compared to my previous work settings where it was all on-site. Any tips for me?

  2. Hi Jamison and Dave!

    I’m a long time listener and I really enjoy the podcast. I have a small question for you two:

    My coworker recently asked for my opinion on how to write some code and then implemented it a different way. They knew I wasn’t a fan of their implementation and even went out of their way to not get it reviewed by me. Now we’re left with this shared code that stinks.

    Their code works but it’s clunkier then it should be and it’s bothering me. Should I fix it when they’re on leave and guise it as a refactoring that “needed to be done” or should I leave it alone and try to learn some lesson from this.

    The other option is to quit my job but other this small hiccup - it’s been going ok here.

Show Notes

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