Episode 363: Future impact of tech stacks and async communication


In this episode, Dave and Jamison answer these questions:

  1. Listener Thor asks,

    Is there a chance the tech stack I choose throughout my career will hurt my chances to shift direction towards project leading/managing in the future? Say, I do mostly frontend, will this affect the way people see my broader understanding of projects etc. compared to people in roles such as architect?

  2. Listener Travis asks,

    My company is starting to expand across time zones. The majority of the company is based in one time zone and a handful of employees are spread across others. I want to emphasize the importance of asynchronous communication. I have begun to feel like I need to respond ASAP to Slack messages instead of when it is convenient.

    If we were to say Slack is used for asynchronous communication, is asking the team to use Signal or even text appropriate for a quicker response?

    What is a good way to handle reaching out to team members in cases where a response is needed more immediately?

Show Notes

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