It takes more than great code
to be a great engineer.

Soft Skills Engineering is a weekly advice podcast for software developers.

The show's hosts are experience developers who answer your questions about topics like:

  • pay raises
  • hiring and firing developers
  • technical leadership
  • learning new technologies
  • quitting your job
  • getting promoted
  • code review etiquette
  • and much more...

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Episode 83: Gaps In The Resume and Moving To Business


This week Jamison and Dave answer these questions:

  1. I think I’ve saved enough money to get out of the rat race. If something goes wrong and I need to get a job again, how do I explain a long gap in my resume?
  2. I like writing code but I’m interested in moving to a more business-focused role. How can I test this without burning bridges? Do I need to take a pay cut?
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Episode 82: Blow Ups and Job Security


This week Jamison and Dave answer these questions:

  1. How do I smooth things over after a blow-up between team members?
  2. A team mate admits he writes bad code on purpose for job security. What do I do?
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Episode 81: Unwilling To Grow and Forced Out During Two Weeks Notice


This week Jamison and Dave answer these questions:

  1. A developer on a team I lead doesn’t seem interested in growing. How do I help them engage more?
  2. I gave two weeks notice, but was told part of the way through to not come in any more. I still had work left and this made me feel bad. Is this common? Did I do anything wrong?

Jamison talks about the Khan Academy engineering culture. He kinda misquoted it though. They don’t explicitly say they lay people off who don’t progress.

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