It takes more than great code to be a great engineer.

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Soft Skills Engineering is a weekly advice podcast for software developers. We answer questions about all the stuff you didn't realize you needed to know about being an engineer:

  • pay raises
  • hiring
  • going into management
  • annoying co-workers
  • quitting your job
  • meetings
  • micromanagers
  • installing a ball pit in your office
  • and much much more...

For answers to these and other questions, our hosts Dave Smith and Jamison Dance are here to help.

Why should you listen?

Soft Skills Engineering listeners are awesome. Here's what they are saying about the podcast.

Jack says:

Not only did Soft Skills Engineering help me land my first gig, I also used your advice to negotiate a $10,000 raise! I love your podcast and will continue to heartily recommend you to everyone I know!

Hdennen says:

Facing a 9 hour drive, I grabbed a bunch of podcasts to listen to. I don't even know what the other ones are. Seriously, this podcast is full of massively helpful and relevant content from two people who are experienced, funny, and insightful.

Saad says:

Listening to Soft Skills Engineering has completely shifted my thoughts on what it means to be an engineer. It’s probably one of the more useful things I’ve gained during my time at Amazon. It definitely helped me grow, and I’m totally indebted to you for that.

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Recent Episodes:

Episode 70: Appraisal-Driven Development and Meeting Creep


Jamison and Dave answer these questions:

  1. I’m a new team lead with a team member who is very appraisal-driven. How do I deal with them?
  2. Have you ever experienced meeting-creep? What do you do about it?

Jamison mentions the 37 signals blog post on the downsides of group chat.

Episode 69: A Know-It-All Lead and Selling Your Boss on Remote Work


Jamison and Dave answer these questions:

  1. My supervisor is a know-it-all who needs to be the smartest person in the room. How do I deal with it?
  2. I want to move to another city and work remotely. How do I convince my boss to let me?

Episode 68: Paying Your Dues and Non-technical Hobbies


Jamison and Dave answer these questions:

  1. It’s been a year and I still haven’t touched the codebase. What should I do?
  2. All my hobbies revolve around computers. How do I develop other interests?

Jamison mentioned Dan Luu’s article on how bad teams are always hiring. Here it is.

Rich Hickey’s Hammock-Driven Development talk was also mentioned.

Episode 67: Graduate School and Asking Good Questions


Jamison and Dave answer these questions:

  1. Should I get a Masters in Computer Science?
  2. How do I ask good questions?

Episode 66: Nepotism and Minimum Junior Requirements


Jamison and Dave talk about these questions:

  1. My cousin is a manager at my employer. How do I avoid nepotism?
  2. I’d like to become a developer. What are the minimum requirements for a junior developer? When will I be “good enough” to get a job as a junior dev?

Episode 65: Left In The Dust and Imposter Syndrome


Jamison and Dave talk about these questions:

  1. I have a great, comfortable job that doesn’t push me very hard. How do I deal with worrying about being left in the dust?
  2. How do I deal with imposter syndrome?

Episode 64: Negative Peer Reviews and On Call


Jamison and Dave talk about these questions:

  1. How direct should I be in a peer review of a coworker who I really dislike?
  2. How do I convince developers to go on call?

Episode 63: (Rerun) Management Snobs and Two Bosses


Jamison and Dave were out this week, so here is a DEEP CUT from the archives.

This originally aired as episode 41.

  1. How do I deal with someone who says their job (management) is so much harder than my job (engineering)?
  2. How do I deal with a two-boss situation where I am one of the bosses?

Episode 62: Many Meetings and Surviving an Acquisition


Jamison and Dave answer these two questions:

  1. I’m in too many meetings. How do I guard my own productivity?
  2. How do I make sure I’m not sidelined when my company acquires another company?

Episode 61: Product Managers and Notifications


We answer these two questions:

  1. What should developers know about product management?
  2. I have TOO MANY notifications interrupting me all the time. What do I do?