It takes more than great code
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Soft Skills Engineering is a weekly advice podcast for software developers.

The show's hosts are experienced developers who answer your questions about topics like:

  • pay raises
  • hiring and firing developers
  • technical leadership
  • learning new technologies
  • quitting your job
  • getting promoted
  • code review etiquette
  • and much more...

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Episode 45: RAPID FIRE and Micromanagers


It’s our first RAPID FIRE episode, where we answer a bunch of questions rapid-ish-ly.

  1. Why do I get passed up for developer jobs?
  2. Should I take this high-paying job even though it’s a scary change?
  3. Should I quit my first job after five years?

We also answer a longer question:

How do I deal with a micromanaging project manager?

Thank you to Algolia for sponsoring this episode. Check out their job posting at

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Episode 43: Internship Costs and CS Interview Questions


Dave and Jamison answer these questions:

  1. What do internships cost companies?
  2. How do you feel about asking hard technical computer science questions in interviews?

The second question was prompted by this tweet: